Human Body Book

3+, 6+, 7+, 8+
10,00 €

Take a fascinating tour to the human body! How does your organism work? What kind of bones make up a skeleton? 

This book uncovers the marvels of our body in unprecedented detail and with stunning realism. Encompassing engaging facts about the human body, including a closer look at each bodily system, such as the nervous system, muscle system and more, and exploring a timeline of medical milestones, you can spend quality time exploring the wonders of the human body with children, accompanied by impressive visuals to engage their senses. A must-have volume for curious kids with a thirst for knowledge, this enthralling encyclopedia is structured in such a way that your child can read a bit at a time, and feel comfortable to pause and ask questions. Doubling up as the perfect gift for young readers, who are always asking questions about our planet! 

Amazingly playful learning book about human body for curious children!