About us

logo_icon_rounded.pngFastAR Kids ia the unique publishing house  that creates books with augmented reality (AR).
FastAR Kids books with AR it's a completely new approach in book printing that combines a classic book and IT technologies.
Our books will interest kids and will make a process of learning the alphabet more exciting and efficient. Kids will be able to interact with heros of the book and listen to the poems, fairytales and useful information.
FastAR Kids publishing house prepared for you another interesting books:coloring books, books with live stickers ad educational books.
Join our friendly family of writers, painters, 3D animators and programmers who create heroes that come alive.
The second direction of our company is the creation and production of smart educational games for children of preschool and school age, including those with IT technologies. Our company has created more than 20 new games with augmented reality  for kids in 2022. 
 Didactic materials for children were developed by professional teachers, artists, programmers, designers, 3D modelers. The motto of our publishing house is learning with fun. And thankfully to this playful-educational approach our books and sets became popular and interesting for kids.