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General sales conditions for purchases on FastARkids

FastARkids is produced by Fastarkids Store  SRL, with registered office in viale Czech Republic, Tržiště 377/25, 360 01 Karlovy Vary VAT no. of the site General sales conditions for purchases on FastARkids

1. General
  We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website (see date at the top) and it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions on each occasion you use this website and your continued use of the website shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.
   Certain website services will require registration and subsequent access to those services will be subject to an approved login name and password ("Password Details"). Information that you provide on this website when registering and/or placing orders must be accurate and complete. Passwords Details are accepted and may be withdrawn at our sole discretion and are exclusive to you and non-transferable and must be treated as strictly confidential at all times. In the event you have any concerns regarding your Password Details or become aware of any misuse then you must inform us immediately (see Contact Us for more information and full contact details).
  You must not use our website: a) to access information which you have no legitimate reason for accessing; b) in a way which may interfere with the provision of our website to you or any other customer, including, without limitation, attempting to place orders in contravention of these terms and conditions or the law; c) If we reasonably believe you have misused our website, we may suspend or cancel your access to it and/or cancel any orders you have placed;

2. Purchase terms

  No purchase the Products, the Customer must register by entering their personal details, following the instructions provided by the registration program, and must complete and send to FastARkids the purchase order form in electronic format available on the site, following the instructions contained on the Site. Purchase orders must be exactly filled out in their entirety.

   The Customer must insert the selected Product (s) in the appropriate "Shopping Cart" and, after having viewed and accepted the contribution for the delivery costs, he may proceed with the purchase.

   If the Customer needs to modify the purchase order, or to modify some data contained therein, he must follow the appropriate modification procedure contained in the site. In particular, the Customer will have the right to modify the quantity of the Products he intends to purchase, adding or eliminating one or more Products from the Cart.

  Once this operation has been completed, the Customer will display a screen containing the summary of the purchase order, including delivery costs, with a request for further confirmation of the purchase procedure.

   After viewing the summary, the customer must select the type of payment required and confirm the purchase procedure.


Based on the registration of the customer on the website, the FastARkids can access its user interface. Through its user interface, the buyer can order goods (hereinafter referred to as "user account"). If the web interface of the store allows it, the customer can also order goods without registration directly from the web interface of the store.
When registering on the site and when ordering goods, the buyer is obliged to correctly and truthfully indicate all the data. The customer is obliged to update the data specified in the user account, if they change. The data provided by the customer in the personal account and when ordering the goods are considered correct by the seller.
Access to the user account is protected by a username and password. The customer is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the information necessary to access his user account.
The customer is not entitled to allow the use of the user account to third parties.
The FastARkids may terminate the user account, especially if the customer does not use his user account for more than 12 months or if the customer violates his obligations under the customer agreement (including the terms of business).
The customer acknowledges that the user account may not be available around the clock, especially in connection with the necessary maintenance of the FastARkids hardware and software, or. necessary maintenance of third party hardware and software.


The protection of the personal data of the customer, who is a natural person, is ensured by Law No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended.
The customer consents to the processing of the following personal data: first and last name, residential address, identification number, tax identification number, e-mail address, telephone number and e-mail address (hereinafter collectively referred to as "personal data").
The customer agrees to the processing of personal data by the seller, in order to exercise the rights and obligations under the sales contract and in order to maintain a user account. Unless the customer chooses another option, he consents to the processing of personal data by the FastAERkids also for the purpose of sending information and business communications to the customer. Consent to the processing of personal data in full in accordance with this article is not a condition that would in itself make it impossible to conclude a contract of sale.
The customer acknowledges that he is obliged to indicate his personal data (when registering, in his account, when ordering through the web interface of the store) correctly and truthfully and that he is obliged to inform FastARkids about any changes in his personal data without undue delay.
The FastARkids  may authorize a third party to process the buyer's personal data as a processor. With the exception of persons transporting the goods, personal data will not be transferred to third parties by the seller without the prior consent of the customer.
Personal data will be processed indefinitely. Personal data will be processed in electronic form in an automated way or in printed form in a non-automated way.
FastARkids  confirms that the personal data provided is accurate and that he is informed that this is a voluntary provision of personal data.
In the event that FastARkids considers that the seller or processor (Article 5) is processing his personal data, which is contrary to the protection of the privacy and privacy of the Based on the registration of the customer on the website, the FastARkids can access its user interface. Through its user interface, the buyer can order goods (hereinafter referred to as "user account"). If the web interface of the store allows it, the customer can also order goods without registration directly from the web interface of the store.
or contrary to the law, especially if the personal data is inaccurate in relation to the purpose of their processing may:
ask the FastARkids or processor to explain,
require the seller or processor to rectify the situation thus created.
If FastARkids requests information about the processing of his personal data, the customer is obliged to provide this information. FastARkids is entitled to demand a reasonable fee for the provision of information in accordance with the previous sentence, not exceeding the costs necessary for the provision of information.


Customer consents to the sending of information relating to Seller's goods, services or business to Customer 's email address, and agrees to FastARkids sending commercial communications to Buyer's email address.
The customer agrees to the storage of so-called cookies on his computer. In the event that it is possible to make a purchase on the website and fulfill the seller's obligations under the sales contract without storing so-called cookies on the buyer's computer, the buyer can withdraw consent at any time in accordance with the previous sentence

6.Conclusion of the contract

 With the confirmation of the purchase order by the Customer, the conditions of sale and the additional information contained on the site will be considered fully known and accepted by the Customer.

  The Order Confirmation by FastARkids sent to the Customer at the indicated email address will constitute acceptance of the contractual proposal.

 The contract will be concluded, and will be binding for both parties, when the Order Confirmation is sent to the Customer.

  The Order Confirmation sent by email to FastARkids will contain the indication of the Product (s) purchased; the indication of the price; payment methods; delivery costs; of the right of withdrawal.
After the payment you will receive an e-mail that will notify you of the receipt of the payment and from that moment will decorate the timing for the preparation and shipment of your order.

   Should our staff find any errors in your order or consider your order not to be fulfilled within the time and in the manner requested, you will be notified promptly.

   Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damage to persons and / or things, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order or the cancellation due to non-payment is excluded. within the established deadline.

   In the product catalog published on the FastARkids website the availability of the products, even being constantly updated, may undergo variations not in real time and without notice.

   You are purchasing products that can be viewed and described on our site and you accept that the images of the products may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but may differ in color and its nuances, as indicated.

   Product prices are expressed in Euros and include all applicable taxes and / or duties;

  The prices of the Products do not include the Delivery costs, the amount of which will be indicated to the Customer in the summary of the purchase order;

  The price of the Product will be the one indicated on the site at the time of the order. Therefore, they will not be able to detect any price increases or decreases, even in correlation to promotional sales before or after the purchase order;

  The Customer must select the type of payment desired and confirm the procedure of the purchase.

7.Payment Options


In the case of purchase through the PayPal payment method, at the end of the order the Customer is directed to the PayPal login page. The order amount is debited from the Customer’s PayPal account at the time the order is received. In case of cancellation of the order, either by the Customer or in case of non-acceptance by FastARkids  the amount will be refunded to the Customer's PayPal account. Cancellation of the order is possible until the order is in the stage of being processed. In the request for the cancellation of the transaction, under no circumstances can FastARkids be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the delay in the failure to release the amount committed by PayPal. At no time during the purchase process does FastARkids have access to the financial information of the Customer. For each transaction made with the PayPal account the Customer will receive a confirmation email from PayPal. 

  Bank transfer

In case of payment by Advance Bank Transfer, the order ordered by the Customer will be kept busy until receipt of proof of payment, to be sent to FastARkids(via e-mail) no later than 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the order . The dispatch of the order will take place only when the amount due is actually credited to the current account of FastARkids which must take place within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. Beyond these deadlines, the order will be deemed automatically canceled. The purpose of the bank transfer must include:

  • the order reference number;
  • the date on which the order was placed;
  • name and surname of the order holder.

8. Shipments

  The delivery of the products will be made by courier and the times will vary according to the destination, the moment in which the order will be acquired and the availability of the Product itself.

  For available goods FastARkids will deliver to the Courier within 5 working days after receipt of the purchase order.

   Unless unexpected delivery times in the national territory will be equal to 3 working days from delivery to the Courier. For locations that are difficult to reach such as mountain resorts, smaller islands, extreme suburbs, delivery times will be 6 working days.

  Our system will calculate your shipping charges based on the geographical origin of the Customer. Please carefully check the order summary and the costs listed to avoid problems of various kinds before sending your order and above all BEFORE PAYMENT.
  Delivery times after shipment and any delays do not depend on FastARkids, which nonetheless undertakes to mediate and try to resolve any delivery problems with the courier. The Customer, by accepting our terms of use, exempts FastARkids from any responsibility in this regard. For the shipment, the address provided during registration to the site will be used, then carefully complete the complete address field in its entirety.

  We remind customers of the days when the courier, according to their terms of service, does not deliver:

  • on Saturday and Sunday;
  • on weekday holidays;
  • during the holiday closing period established by the category of drivers;
  • on days and at times when the circulation on urban and / or extra-urban roads is prohibited by administrative provision;
  • on days when, due to local custom or public administration, warehouses and / or offices, shops and companies remain closed;
  • due to force majeure or fortuitous events.

Below the price ranges for shipping:


  • Czech Rebublic:free shipping;
  • Europe: 12 euros;
  • America, Asia, Africa: 18 euros;
  • Oceania: 24 euros.

Warranty for defective goods

   Should you find any damaged goods inside your package, we invite you to send an e-mail to our address within 24 hours of receipt of the package, together with photographic documentation relating to the damaged goods. The e-mail must also contain the reference of the order and shipping number. With the opening of the file we will proceed to the reimbursement of the cost of the goods or, if you prefer, to a new shipment of the damaged goods all at our expense.

9. Return Item

6.1 Customer can exercise the right of withdrawal, without any penalty and without specifying the reason.

The Customer must follow this simple procedure:

Send FadtARkids within 14 days of receipt of the Product, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, its intention to withdraw from the contract.

Provide, using a courier of your choice, to ship the product to FastARkids Czech Republic, Tržiště 377/25, 360 01 Karlovy Vary carefully packed in the original packaging, inserting a copy of the registered letter.

The communication may be sent, within the same term, also by telegram, e-mail and fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the following 48 hours.

  FastARkids will proceed, by bank transfer, to the reimbursement relative to the cost indicated in the purchase order and to the first shipping costs, or to that relating to the Products for which the right of withdrawal was exercised, within 30 working days following receipt of the Products.

   The exercise of the right of withdrawal will be ineffective if the returned product is not intact, or the original packaging is missing, or due to the absence of integral elements of the product, or to damage to the product for reasons other than transportation.
The Customer will forfeit the Return Item due to lack of the essential condition of integrity of the Products (packaging and / or its content), in cases where FastARkids ascertains:

the lack or damage to the outer packaging;
lack of original internal packaging;
the absence of integral elements of the Product (accessories, parts);
damage to the Product for reasons other than transportation.
In the event of forfeiture of the Return Item  FastARkids will return the purchased good to the Customer, charging him for the shipping costs and will not be reimbursed for the price paid.

The customer accepts that in the event of disputes the competent court.

Request for replacement of an item

  The procedure for replacing a Product or its component may be activated as a result of the occurrence of one of the following hypotheses:

FadtARkids has incorrectly sent a product different from the one the customer ordered and, therefore, not present in his order. If this hypothesis occurs, the Customer must refrain from opening the package and immediately notify FadtARkids by e-mail of the error in order to allow the necessary checks;

the purchased Product does not work since the first use;

the Product is incomplete in some components listed on the site.

In each of the cases listed above the shipping costs will be borne by FadtARkids and the return shipment will be made by courier. Customers who decide to request the replacement of a Product should contact FastARkids  at the following addresses before arranging the return shipment: tel. +420 722 347 714 or e-mail (

In any case it will be necessary to have the following documents and data available:

original invoice or order summary (indicates the order number, invoice number, customer code).

  FastARkids reserves the right to inspect the Product before accepting the return or not. If all the required conditions are met, the Customer will be replaced the Product in accordance with the order placed at the time. In the event that FastARkids does not have the availability of the Product to be replaced, the same will reimburse the price of the Product within 30 days of receipt of the Product by bank transfer, subject to communication of the bank details by the Customer. If the return conditions are not respected as provided for in this article, the returned Product will not be accepted and the Customer can choose to have the purchased Product back by paying the redelivery costs. In case of refusal of shipment FastARkids reserves the right to retain the Product and the corresponding amount.